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Why you should make a Spotify Playlist for your whole Back Catalogue

Create a Complete Back Catalogue Playlist for Your Artist Profile on Spotify

In this video, we’re focusing on a fantastic way to organize your music on Spotify: creating a complete back catalogue playlist for your artist profile. We’ll also explore the benefits of this approach and how to implement it yourself.

If you’ve been browsing Spotify for artists lately, you might have noticed a trend – many artists are including a single playlist featuring their entire musical journey. This is a smart strategy and we’ll delve into why it’s so effective.

Why a Back Catalogue Playlist is a Great Idea

There are several advantages to having a complete back catalogue playlist on your artist profile:

  • New Listener Navigation: New listeners can feel overwhelmed by a large discography. A single playlist offers them an easy entry point, especially for mobile listeners.
  • Maximize Revenue: With all your music in one place, listeners are more likely to keep the playlist going, leading to increased streaming time and royalties for you.
  • Future Exposure: As you gain followers for the playlist, they’ll automatically be notified when you update it with new releases, keeping your music fresh in their minds.

Creating Your Back Catalogue Playlist

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your back catalogue playlist:

  1. Start from Your Profile: On your personal Spotify profile, create a new playlist. Title it clearly, perhaps “[Your Artist Name] Complete” or something similar.
  2. Add Character: Choose an eye-catching image and write a descriptive blurb for your playlist. Briefly explain what listeners can expect (e.g., “This playlist features our entire discography in chronological order”).
  3. Organize by Release Date: Add your music to the playlist. You can either manually arrange the tracks chronologically (latest to oldest) or add them in batches, starting with your most recent release.

Adding the Playlist to Your Artist Profile

  1. Head to Spotify for Artists: If you haven’t already, claim your artist profile on https://artists.spotify.com/.
  2. Highlight Your Playlist: Log in and navigate to “Profile.” Under “Tools,” you can choose your new playlist as the “Artist’s Pick” or add it to the “Featured Playlists” section. (For visibility, consider adding it to both sections.)

Bonus Tip: Create an “Essential Tracks” Playlist

Many artists also include an “Essentials Playlist” on their profile. This acts as a curated “best of” collection for new listeners. Follow the same playlist creation steps above, but instead of including everything, choose a selection of your top tracks.

Let’s Get You Started!

Having a well-organized back catalogue playlist is a fantastic way to improve your artist profile and reach new audiences on Spotify. Give this strategy a try!