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Why Every Band Needs to Blog

Every Musician Needs a Blog (Here’s Why!)

I’m here to preach the gospel of music blogs! Whether you’re in a band or a solo artist, I firmly believe you need one.

Confession Time: A Former Blogging Slacker

I admit it ā€“ blogging hasn’t exactly been my forte. Starting and stopping countless times, I just didn’t see the point. But now, I get it. Here’s why every musician should be blogging:

#1: Your Story, Your Voice

It’s 2018, and the internet is king. Standing out in a crowded musical landscape is crucial. A blog is your platform to tell your story and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Quick Tip: Photos are powerful storytelling tools! Take a page out of R.E.M.’s book and fill your blog with visuals that bring your story to life.

#2: Knowledge is Power (and Inspiration)

Don’t underestimate the value of your experiences! What you consider “common knowledge” could be a game-changer for someone else. Your fresh perspective can inspire and motivate other musicians.

#3: Staying Focused in a Distracted World

Let’s be honest ā€“ there are a million things demanding our attention, music often included. A blog acts as a focus tool, forcing you to reflect on your progress and set goals. It’s like making a new year’s resolution every time you post!

#4: Finding Your Blogging Home

So, where do you start blogging? My preference is a dedicated website ā€“ a home base for your musical identity. But social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube can be great blogging platforms too.

Just a heads-up: Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and you don’t have complete control over them. But hey, the audience is already there!