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Spotify now CREDITS Performers, Songwriters & Producers

Spotify Now Shows Music Credits!

Spotify just dropped a desktop update that lets you see music credits with a simple right-click!

What This Means for You

Now, fans can finally see who’s behind the music they love: performers, producers, and writers! This is a huge win for us independent musicians – recognition for the people making the magic happen!

How it Works (So Far)

Right-click any track and select “Show Music Credits” (or “Show Credits”). It’s a good start! A quick scan of my projects shows performer credits, which makes sense. Bigger artists will likely have their info displayed first, probably pulled from record labels.

The Future is Bright (Hopefully!)

Here’s the best part: there’s room for us! I believe independent musicians will eventually be able to add their own credits to Spotify. This is fantastic for us – getting our names out there and giving due credit to collaborators.

Shining a Light on Songwriters Too!

Imagine a Katy Perry fan right-clicking a song and discovering the team of writers behind it! Spotify can shed light on the collaborative process behind the music we love.

Benefits for Musicians

As a musician, you can now listen to a track and see who produced, wrote, or performed on it – all within Spotify! Early days yet, but hopefully, we’ll see a full roll call with everyone involved.

The Dream: Credits with Context

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see photos of the collaborators or even the recording studio? While you can find this info on Wikipedia, having it all right there with the music would be incredible.

What Do You Think?

Is this a good move by Spotify? Let me know your thoughts.