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How to Set Up a Bandcamp Page

Setting Up Your Bandcamp Page: A Step-by-Step Guide for Musicians

This blog post is a guide on how to set up a Bandcamp page for musicians. Here’s a summary of the video:

  • Signing Up: Create a Bandcamp account by signing up as an artist. Choose a username, password, email, and artist/band name. Add your genre and location.
  • Uploading Music: You can upload music as albums or single tracks. Add a title, price (including the option of letting fans pay more if they want), information, credits, and artwork for your music.
  • Publishing: Once you’ve uploaded your music, you can publish it by clicking “Edit” and then “Publish.” This will make your music live on Bandcamp.

This guide is a great resource for musicians who are new to Bandcamp and want to start sharing their music with the world.