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I’m Too Old to Be a Creator.

Never Too Late? Redefining Success as a Creator in Your 40s

If you’ve been on the internet the last few months you’ve most likely noticed the amount of YouTubers announcing they’re retiring from YouTube.

Watching these announcements got to me a little as these are relatively younger creators and I was like… should I be retiring? As a creator in my 40s, Am I too late?

Redefining Success

And then it hit me. What does that even mean? Too late for what? Success? What even is success?

It’s easy to look at all of these retiring creators and compare yourself to them as if you’d want what they have, as if you’re equals but the truth is we’re not. As cliché as it sounds, we’re all on different paths and so success is different to us all.

Finding Success in the Journey

For me, it’s behaviour. I often think if I suddenly became a millionaire what would I do differently to what I do now. Would my behaviour change?

And apart from the financial freedom of bills, health and security… I’d pretty much do what I’m already doing as in making videos, streaming and creating music.

Passion Over Profit

So in a sense, I’m already successful and the process or journey is the reward. Everything that comes with that is a bonus. And retirement as a creator makes no sense.

I can’t envision a day where I don’t want to make videos, stream or make music again. But I can definitely envision days where I feel guilty about not spending enough time doing those things, but yeah there’s definitely no finality to it all.

Lifelong Creative Drive

Being a creative is not like being a footballer, you don’t really retire or decide to stop one day, it’s too much of a lifelong obsession.

So where does age come into this?

Age and the Creator Economy

Well again, comparing yourself to younger creators doesn’t help as there’s always somebody younger and always somebody older. But I suppose when I think about it age can be an anxiety thing; will I be ‘aged-out’ in a world obsessed with staying youthful?

Well. In my experience of streaming on Twitch, I’d say no. I initially thought streaming was just for kids and I was very surprised when I eventually came across so many like minded, streamers of all ages doing their thing.

I would love it if these platforms promoted that aspect as it doesn’t feel as age-inclusive on first impressions. But whatever, I’m here to say that No, it’s not too late to stream.

Success on Your Own Terms 

I reached Twitch Partner after 3 years and I’m in my 40s and if I can do that, you can have a go too. Now I’m not going to say you’re gonna blitz it and be the best streamer ever, I don’t know what that is.

But what I do now is that if you end up enjoying it, that could be what success means to you.