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How to link to your Spotify Music in Instagram Stories

Unleash the Power of Instagram Stories: Share Your Music Directly to Spotify!

Introducing a Game Changer!

There’s fantastic news for musicians using Spotify! Instagram now allows you to share your music directly to Instagram Stories with a clickable link straight to Spotify! This is a huge game-changer, especially for DIY artists.

No More Bio Link Hassle!

Before this update, you might have resorted to telling viewers to “check the link in bio” to listen to your music. This could be a frustrating hurdle for them, especially on mobile devices. Now, everything happens seamlessly within Instagram Stories!

Here’s How to Do It:

  1. Open Spotify: Locate the album, track, or playlist you want to share on Spotify.
  2. Share to Instagram Stories: Tap the three dots (…) for options and select “Share” followed by “Instagram Stories.”
  3. Preview and Share: Instagram will automatically create a story with your music selection. Feel free to add text, hashtags, or your location before sharing.

The Beauty of Simplicity:

Look at your story! It includes a “Play on Spotify” link. Viewers can click this link and start listening to your music right away – no app switching required!

Perfect for DIY Musicians!

This feature is a boon for DIY musicians who might not have the 10,000 followers needed for the “swipe up” functionality. It allows you to easily share your music and reach a wider audience.

Get Out There and Share!

I highly recommend using this fantastic tool! It’s a simple yet powerful way to promote your music on Instagram.

Stay Tuned!

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