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How to Capture Your Twitch Stream in ONE Click!

Snap and Share: How to Set Up a Twitch Redeem for Automatic Discord Uploads

Imagine this: your Twitch viewers can capture a live moment from your stream and have it instantly uploaded to your Discord server! This innovative redeem option fosters engagement and community building. Intrigued? Here’s a breakdown of how to set it up using OBS, Mix It Up Bot, and Discord.

Gathering the Tools

Before diving in, ensure you have the following:

  • A Twitch Redeem: Create a new Twitch redeem with a clear title like “Take a Photo.” This will be the trigger viewers use to initiate the screenshot and upload process.
  • OBS Studio: This free and popular streaming software will capture screenshots of your stream.
  • Mix It Up Bot: This bot acts as a bridge, communicating between OBS, Twitch, and Discord.
  • Discord Server: This is where the captured screenshots will be uploaded.

Configuring OBS for Screenshots

  1. Hotkey Setup: Head over to OBS settings and designate a hotkey for taking screenshots. (This guide uses Control+1, but feel free to choose your preference.)
  2. Recording Path: Under OBS’s output options, note down your recording path. This will be crucial for specifying the location of the screenshot later.
  3. File Naming: Go to the “Advanced” options and modify the file naming format to something like “Capture_%t%e.” This ensures each screenshot has a unique name. Enable the “Overwrite existing file” option, but be cautious – multiple screenshots will overwrite previous ones. Rename them if you want to preserve all captures.

Integrating Mix It Up Bot

(We won’t delve into detailed Mix It Up setup here, assuming you already have a basic understanding. Refer to the guide mentioned in the video for a beginner’s tutorial.)

  1. Ensure Mix It Up is connected through the “Services” option in OBS, and you’ve set up a browser source for it.
  2. Expand the Mix It Up menu on the left, navigate to “Twitch Channel Points,” and choose “Add Command to Existing Rewards.”
  3. Command Customization: Here’s where the magic happens! Let’s break down the suggested actions:
    • Sound: Play an MP3 sound to acknowledge the photo request.
    • Weight: Add a slight delay (2 seconds) for the next action to occur after the sound finishes.
    • Camera Shutter Sound: Play a camera shutter sound to simulate a photo being taken.
    • Import Command: Utilize the OBS hotkey you configured earlier (Control+1 in this case).
    • Weight: Wait for the previous command (screenshot capture) to finish.
    • Discord Command: This is where the upload magic happens!
      • Set the action to “Send Message” to your desired Discord channel.
      • Include a chat message mentioning the viewer who redeemed the photo and a link to the uploaded screenshot. (This will utilize the recording path noted from OBS earlier.)
    • Chat Message: This sends a message to your Twitch chat, informing viewers who took the photo and where to find it.

Testing and Refinement

  • Consider creating a private Discord channel for initial testing to avoid flooding your main channel.
  • Utilize the “play” button within Mix It Up to test each action individually.
  • Remember, with the overwrite function enabled in OBS, only the latest screenshot will be uploaded.

Putting it All Together

Once you’ve configured everything and tested thoroughly, you’re ready to launch! Feel free to experiment with different sounds and chat messages to personalize the experience for your viewers.

By following these steps, you can create a unique and engaging Twitch redeem that encourages interaction and community spirit within your Discord server!