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How to add Shows to Spotify, Bandcamp & Facebook with Songkick

Simplify Gig Promotion with Songkick: Announce Shows on Spotify, Bandcamp & Facebook!

The Struggle is Real: Listing Shows Everywhere

As a gigging musician, keeping your fans informed about upcoming shows can be a hassle. Manually updating show listings on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Facebook is tedious and time-consuming.

Enter Songkick: Your Gig Promotion Hero!

Songkick is a fantastic service that simplifies listing your upcoming shows. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Songkick Account: Head over to https://www.songkick.com/ and sign up for a free account using your Spotify, Facebook, or email address.
  2. Add Your Artist Profile (if applicable): Search for your artist name. If you already have an existing Songkick profile, connect to it. If not, create a new artist profile following their guidelines.
  3. Let’s Add Shows! Click on “Events” followed by “Add Events.” Specify whether it’s a concert or festival, and fill in all the details: date, time, venue, headliners, support acts, tour name (optional). You can even schedule the show announcement. Once you’re happy, hit “Save Concert.”
  4. Manage Events (Optional): From the “Events” menu, you can view all your shows, edit details, or cancel events if needed.
  5. Connect with Platforms (Optional): While Songkick automatically syncs with Spotify (show listings appear within 24 hours, geo-targeted to user location), you can integrate with other platforms:
    • Bandcamp: On your Bandcamp profile, scroll down to “Upcoming Shows” and check the “Display Upcoming Shows” box.
    • Facebook: Connect the Songkick app to your Facebook page for automatic show syncing.

The Beauty of Automation:

With Songkick managing your show listings, you only need to update them in one place. This saves you tons of time and ensures your fans see your upcoming shows across Spotify, Bandcamp, and Facebook!

Bonus Tip!

Songkick isn’t limited to gigs! Consider listing album releases, online shows, or other important dates to keep your fans engaged.