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DON’T Share Twitch Clips to TikTok (Do THIS Instead)

Clicking this button to Share TikTok videos from your Twitch channel is ruining your reach. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get zero views if you do that.

The reason is that as soon as you click that button, the clip immediately goes live on your TikTok channel.

So what’s the issue with that? Well Twitch doesn’t have any decent editing tools at the moment so you can’t add any text, background music and most importantly you can’t edit the length of the clip.

This is incredibly important for TikTok as people’s attention spans are super short so if your clip starts with some dead air, nobody’s gonna watch it, even if it gets really good.

So with that said, I’m going to show you proper way to do it and we’ll start off from the beginning of the process so you don’t miss a thing.

Creating Clips of Your Twitch Streams

But just before that you might be asking, but Ste! I don’t even have any clips!

And that’s ok, maybe you’re a small channel or people just aren’t clipping your streams.

My advice would be to make your own! Just go back over your stream after you’ve finished and clip out some of your best bits.

Bonus tip, to save time, add the Stream Marker tool to your dashboard so when something clippable happens you can just click on that to see markers on your vod afterwards!

Sharing Twitch Clips to TikTok

Anyway, now you have clips so let’s share them to TikTok, the right way.

  1. Go to clip manager either from dashboard or from your channel page
  2. Click ‘Crop to Portrait’
  3. Edit your clip and choose “Save & Export”
  4. Connect your TikTok account if you haven’t already
  5. Do not click the Share to TikTok button, instead choose Save to TikTok Drafts
  6. You’ll then receive a notification on TikTok saying that your content is ready
  7. Tap on that to edit the clip with TikTok’s tools
  8. Save to drafts or publish!

So that’s how to create and send share clips to tiktok but what about taking photos of your stream for instagram etc. Well you’re gonna want to check out this post!