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Choosing Which Blogs to Send Your Music to

Finding Your Perfect Fit: How to Target Music Blogs for Reviews with Hype Machine

Just finished your latest masterpiece, and ready to share it with the world? Awesome! But before you blast emails to every music blog you can find, let’s make sure you’re targeting the right audience.

Targeting is Key: Avoid Wasting Time

Sending your music to irrelevant blogs is a waste of time for everyone. Here’s how to use Hype Machine, a goldmine for music blogs, to find the perfect reviewers for your music.

Ready? Let’s Get Started! (Don’t forget to subscribe for more content!)

  • Hype Machine: Your Music Blog Matchmaker

Head over to the Hype Machine website (https://blog.hypem.com/). This site is a treasure trove of music blogs, categorized by genre.

  • Genre Magic

Click on “Browse” and then “Index Sites.” Here, you can filter blogs by genre. Don’t see your specific genre? Click “More Genres” for a wider selection. For example, let’s choose “Post Rock.”

  • Popularity vs. Opportunity

Blogs with a ton of followers (indicated by the green numbers) are great, but getting a response can be tough. They’re likely bombarded with emails.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Look for blogs with a smaller following (lower follower numbers). These blogs might be more receptive to your music, and their email inboxes are less cluttered.

  • Case Study: The Recorder Blog

Let’s choose a blog called “The Recorder.” See all those links under the blog title? These are links to articles where the blog has reviewed music.

Click it to See if it Fits

Click on any of these links to be taken directly to a review post. This will give you a feel for the blog’s content and target audience.

Read Before You Pitch

Is this blog a good fit for your music? Read a few more posts to get a sense of their style and typical reviews. If it feels like a match, then it’s time to craft your pitch! (Need help writing that email? Check out one of my previous videos – link in the description below.)

That’s a Wrap!

By using Hype Machine strategically, you can target music blogs that are more likely to appreciate your music and share it with the world.

Hope that help