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Celebrate Your Music Milestones

Celebrating Your Music Milestones: Make Some Noise!

This weekend’s a double celebration for me – two musical anniversaries! Eight years ago, my first album with my first band, MINIONTV, dropped. And five years ago, my current band, White Follow, released their debut album, “Everything in Color.”

I was pondering how to mark these occasions, and it hit me – this is great advice for anyone out there!

Shout About Your Wins (Big or Small!)

We all achieve milestones, but who celebrates them besides ourselves? If you don’t promote your achievements, they might just slip by unnoticed. So, don’t be shy – toot your own horn!

Here’s what I’m doing to celebrate:

  • Free Downloads: This whole weekend, both “Million TV” and “Everything in Color” will be free to download on Bandcamp! Links are below in the description.
  • Milestone Memories: For the “Million TV” anniversary (it’s eight years now!), I wrote a retrospective a few years back, detailing the creation process and sharing photos from the recording sessions and artwork. Every year, I update the title and share it on social media. This is a fantastic way to reminisce and keep the memories alive! I’ll be doing the same for “Everything in Color” soon.

Your Turn to Celebrate!

Do you have a musical milestone coming up? One year, five years, ten years – it doesn’t matter! There’s always a reason to celebrate your creative journey.

  • Offer free downloads or merch discounts.
  • Share behind-the-scenes stories or photos on social media.
  • Perform the music live (if possible).
  • Write a retrospective blog post or article.

Get creative and have fun! After all, you’ve achieved something amazing, and you deserve the recognition. So go out there and celebrate!