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Ageism in Music

Ageism in Music: Let the Music Speak for Itself!

Hey Stephen here, back with another off-the-cuff video! This time, I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind: ageism in music.

Triggered by Comments

I recently read a review for the new Manic Street Preachers album. While the review itself was decent, I dove into the comments – a move I sometimes regret. The negativity surrounding the band’s age was overwhelming. Terms like “dad rock” and “middle-aged” were thrown around.

Why the Age Obsession?

Why this fixation on age? Why do we slap an expiry date on artists? Music is about creativity and expression, and those qualities are ageless.

Global Perspective

Thinking back to my time working on the singing game “SingStar,” it struck me that many artists featured were well into their later years (40s, 50s, even 60s and 70s). This was the norm outside of the UK. Perhaps this ageism is more prevalent in certain regions?

From Madonna to The Rolling Stones

We see it all the time: Madonna’s criticized for the “gap” between her appearance and age. The Rolling Stones? Headlines scream “Aging Rockers Go on Tour Again.”

Let’s Celebrate Growth!

Who cares about age? Can’t we appreciate an artist’s growth and evolution? Music transcends age demographics.

What Do You Think?

Is ageism in music a real issue? Let me know in the comments! I firmly believe we should ditch this age obsession and simply enjoy the music!

Until Next Time!

Thanks for watching! Catch you next time with another regular DIY guide.