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7 Features I’d Love to See in Bandcamp

Bandcamp NEEDS These Updates

In this post, I’m outlining some updates I’d love to see on Bandcamp, a platform I’ve been using since its launch (eight years ago – wow!).

These features would make Bandcamp even more competitive with Spotify and iTunes, while also offering some unique functionalities. Let’s dive in! But first, if you dig this content, hit subscribe for more!

#1: Remember What You Listened To (Viewing History)

I love exploring Bandcamp, but sometimes I forget things I’ve wishlisted. A viewing history page would be a game-changer, showing all the music I’ve listened to (maybe filter by listening time to avoid accidental clicks).

#2: Offline Listening is a Must (Local Downloads)

The Bandcamp app is fantastic, but it can’t compete with Spotify or iTunes until it offers offline downloads. Spotty signal? No problem! With downloadable music, I can enjoy Bandcamp anywhere.

#3: Share the Love (Free Playlists)

Compiling playlists of Bandcamp music to share with friends is a dream. It’s a fantastic way to discover new artists and organize purchased music. Free playlists would be a win-win for everyone.

#4: Gig Discovery Made Easy

Imagine a gig feed integrated into the Bandcamp music feed! This would showcase gigs from Bandcamp artists happening in your area. A location toggle to see all Bandcamp gigs would be amazing too!

#5: Unleash the Full Album Experience (Playing Everything from a Fan Page)

Why can we only play one track per release on a fan page? It’s confusing! I love the layout of fan pages, but they need more functionality. Let us play entire releases from our fan page – treat it like a hub for all our purchased music!

#6: Bandcamp Radio: Your Personalized Music Station

Wouldn’t it be cool to create a custom radio station based on favorite genres or artists? Bandcamp Radio would be a fantastic feature for music discovery.

#7: Streamline Your Email List (Mailing List Integration)

This one’s a time-saver! Automatically add email addresses to a mailing list service (like MailChimp) whenever someone purchases or downloads music. No more exporting and importing – just instant list growth!

A Bandcamp Fan with Big Dreams

Look, I adore Bandcamp. They’re champions for musicians like us. I just want to see them keep innovating and staying relevant.