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Mix It Up: Overview and Setup Guide for Beginners

Level Up Your Stream with Mix It Up Bot

Hey everyone! Today I’m here to show you a game-changer for any streamer looking to add some spice to their channel: Mix It Up bot.

For a while now, I’d been using the standard stream chatbots, but they just weren’t cutting it for me. I wanted something more customizable, something that would let me create truly interactive experiences for my viewers. That’s when I discovered Mix It Up!

Originally designed for Mixer (RIP), Mix It Up is now a dedicated Twitch bot with a ton of features. It’s currently only available for PC users, but Mac streamers, check out Triggerfire – that’s what I used before making the jump.

Spoiler alert: There’s so much Mix It Up can do, I might need to make another video to explore it all. But for now, let’s get you started!

Downloading and Setting Up

First things first, head over to Mix It Up to download and install the bot. Once you’re set up, connect it to your Twitch account – it’s a breeze, just follow the prompts.

The interface might look a little overwhelming at first, but trust me, it’s actually quite user-friendly. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Dashboard: This is a separate screen you can keep open while streaming. Customize it to show everything you need at a quick glance – super handy!
  • Main Chat Panel: This is where the magic happens! Here you’ll create all your cool commands and features.
  • Options: This is where you can tweak various settings, like connecting Mix It Up to your streaming platform to display images and videos directly on your stream.

Let’s Get Interactive!

Now for the fun part: creating features to engage your viewers! Today, we’ll explore three popular options:

  • Sound Alerts: Want a funny sound effect to go off whenever someone types a specific message? Mix It Up can do that! Just go to Commands, create a new command (advanced mode is recommended), name it, and choose your trigger phrase (don’t forget the “!” symbol). Then, under Actions, select Sound, browse for your soundbite, and adjust the volume. Easy!
  • Timed Messages: Need to remind your viewers about your socials or upcoming events? Set up timed messages to appear in chat automatically! Head over to Timers, create a new command (advanced again!), name it, and choose a group if you want to organize your commands. Select Chat Message as the action and type your message content.
  • Streamer Shout-Outs: Show some love to your fellow streamers! Create a command that displays information and a link to another streamer’s channel. Navigate to Commands, create a new advanced command, name it, and choose a group (optional). Name your trigger phrase (usually “!so”). This part gets a little more advanced, but look for the info in the description to explain those fancy special identifiers you can use to create a dynamic shout-out message.

These are just a taste of what Mix It Up can do. Imagine combining sound effects with timed messages or creating custom alerts with overlays! The possibilities are endless.