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How to Show Twitch Clips on Your Stream for Shout Outs & BRB Screens

Spice Up Your Stream: How to Show Off Clips with Twitch Guru

Ever wanted to add a little pizazz to your Twitch stream by showcasing clips? Look no further than Twitch Guru, a treasure trove of tools specifically designed to enhance your streaming experience.

This guide will show you how to use two of Twitch Guru’s free tools: the Random Clip Player and the Shoutout Player, both perfect for integrating clips into your stream.

Random Clip Player – Keeping Your Audience Engaged

This handy tool lets you display random clips from your channel on a continuous loop. It’s a great way to keep your viewers entertained during breaks or while you’re grabbing a snack.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Head over to https://www.twitch.guru/tools/soclip.html 
  2. Under “Free Tools,” find the “Random Clip Player.”
  3. Enter your channel name and click “Preview.”
  4. You’ll receive a clip URL. Copy this URL.
  5. Open OBS (or your preferred streaming platform software).
  6. Add a new “Browser Source” and paste the copied URL.
  7. Adjust the source’s visibility and size as needed.

Shoutout Player – Giving Props to Your Loyal Viewers

The Shoutout Player lets you integrate a system where viewers can trigger a clip to play as a reward.

  1. Go back to Twitch Guru and select “Shoutout Player” under “Free Tools.”
  2. Enter your channel name and click “Next.”
  3. Choose the option to reward viewers with clips.
  4. Copy the generated URL.
  5. In OBS, add another “Browser Source” and paste the URL.
  6. Set up a custom command in your chat to trigger the clip (e.g., “!shoutout”).

Now, whenever someone uses your shoutout command, a random clip will play, giving them a personalized shoutout!

Bonus Tip: Remember to adjust the audio settings in OBS for both browser sources to ensure proper volume control.

With these two simple tools, you can easily showcase clips and add interactivity to your stream, making it more engaging for your viewers. Don’t forget to check out the other resources available on Twitch Guru – you might just discover more gems to elevate your stream!