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How to Fix Twitch Ads

Take Control of Your Twitch Stream Ads and Keep Your Viewers Engaged

Ever been in the middle of an epic moment on your stream, only to have it interrupted by a barrage of ads? We’ve all been there. But what if there was a way to take control of your ad schedule and ensure they don’t disrupt the flow of your stream?

This guide will show you how to utilize Twitch’s ad scheduler to your advantage, keeping your viewers happy and engaged.

Scheduling Your Ads for Stream Success

  1. Dive into your Creator Dashboard: Head over to the “Monetization” section and then “Ads.” Don’t be intimidated by this area!
  2. Activate the Scheduler: This grants you control over when ads appear on your stream.
  3. Ditch Pre-Roll Ads: Nobody enjoys these! Disabling them prevents new viewers from encountering them upon entering your stream.

Balancing Ads and Audience

While pre-roll ads are a no-go, Twitch requires a minimum of 3 minutes of ads per hour to keep them at bay. Here’s how to manage this:

  1. Enter the Ads Manager: This might seem scary, but we’ll navigate it together.
  2. Disable Automatic Settings: You want control!
  3. Set Ad Length and Frequency: Aim for 3-minute chunks every hour. This keeps mid-rolls at bay.
  4. Start Delay for Ads: Give your starting screen some airtime by delaying the first ad by a minute.
  5. Understanding Pre-Roll: There will always be a pre-roll ad at the very beginning of your stream, regardless of settings.

Stay Informed and In Control

  1. Upcoming Ad Notifications: Get a 1-minute heads-up before an ad break, allowing you to plan accordingly.
  2. Chat Notifications (For You Only): Receive discreet on-screen notifications about ongoing ads (you only, not your viewers).
  3. Auto-Snooze Ads: A lifesaver! Snooze ads for 5 minutes when something important unfolds on stream (like that epic game completion!).
  4. Activate the Schedule: Don’t forget to hit this button to make your ad magic happen!

Bonus Tip: OBS Integration for Streamlined Management

Want even more control over your ad schedule? Here’s how to integrate the Ads Manager panel into your OBS for easy monitoring:

  1. Creator Dashboard > Stream Manager: Add the “Ads Manager” panel here.
  2. Grab the Pop-Out URL: This unique link allows you to integrate the panel into OBS.
  3. OBS > Custom Browser Doc: Paste the URL you copied earlier.
  4. Voila! You now have a dedicated Ads Manager window within OBS for ultimate control.

By following these steps, you can take charge of your Twitch stream ads, keeping your viewers engaged and your content flowing smoothly. Now go forth and conquer those streams!